Get ESA Recommendation Letter from a Medical Practitioner that Provides Mental Health Consultation

Majority of people are suffering from anxiety and depression these days. Some are taking medications for it, while some of them are reluctant to accept the truth that they’ve mental disorder. Well, medicine isn’t always a solution for mental or psychological disorder. Doctors recommend pet as a companion that can also help in coping with certain disorders like intellectual, motor skills, anxiety, and depression, etc.

ESA is basically companions who help in relaxing and boosting mood. They aren’t similar to service animals, because service animals are used to help disabled people in continuing with their regular tasks. Still, ESA has its own benefits therefore many doctors recommend them along with medications. There are no set criteria for the kind of pet that you would like to keep as ESA.

To keep an ESA at home one needs to get an approval note from a therapist. There are many online sites that might scam you by asking you to pay for a letter which will be valid for lifetime. However, not all are authentic. Support Pets is an online site that provides authentic verified letters from licensed medical professionals which is valid only for a year. The letter is sent online within 48 hours after you have answered doctor’s questionnaire.

So if you’re thinking how to ask doctor for emotional support animal? Follow these few guidelines that may help you get an ESA note from your practitioner or they might recommend you a LMHP near your location.

  • Look for a health practitioner near your location that may assist you with mental problems. Online search and taking references from friends and family may help.
  • Schedule an appointment with the most relevant searched result of practitioner that may help you with ESA recommendation letter or reference.
  • Be frank with your doctor about your mental state. Sometimes we hesitate or ignore our mental conditions, but those only results to adverse effects in future.
  • Discuss your symptoms with doctor honestly. There isn’t any harm in discussing even minute problems with them.
  • Don’t jump to your idea of keeping an ESA, but let your doctor give you recommendations or new medicines or therapies. Allow them to see that you’re trying your best to improve health and for that, you would like to do anything.
  • Once you have listened to all their treatments, then you may ask some questions about ESA and their results. It is good to know some positive answers before deciding of keeping one.
  • Now that you have openly discussed about ESA, you may like to ask for help in terms of looking for LMHP, if your doctor isn’t one.
  • After seeking reference, approach the LMHP for help so that he or she writes you an ESA commendation letter.

Getting an ESA letter has become a difficult task nowadays as more people are demanding for one. Remember not all doctors can help you with ESA letters, therefore don’t just get scammed by any agency or online site.